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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EEMC Interactive?

Essential Elements Music Class Interactive (EEMC) is a powerful, cloud-based (streaming) system for teaching K-5 general music. The initial release features 300+ songs with recordings, listening maps, interactive games and activities, recorder and ukulele units, plus ongoing updates that continually add new songs and resources.

The user-friendly technology will soon equip teachers with customizable lesson plans, rigorous pedagogies, engaging music in many styles and eras, along with instant communication and class management tools.

Will EEMC work with my Interactive Whiteboard?

Yes! While it’s not a requirement, the site and content work compatibly with interactive whiteboards as well as other devices such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Can my students use EEMC at home?

Yes! EEMC’s Class Management Tool feature will be added during the Pilot Program (first year) and will enable teachers to interact with students and parents.

Students will be able to enjoy music, use the resources, play music games, and explore the many aspects of EEMC – all on their own.

Will I see more Lessons in the Pilot Program?

Indeed. The EEMC Pilot Program will continue to release lessons at all levels (K-5) throughout the year. We are anxious for teachers to try them and give us feedback so the entire teaching/learning system can be optimized for today’s varied music programs.

How can I incorporate my own best practices and customize the program?

The upcoming Lesson Builder and Concert Builder tools will offer exciting new features that give teachers incredible control over customizing their own programs … creating, editing and saving.

I’d like to share my ideas with you. How can I best do that?

Please use the convenient “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the home page. We are already receiving terrific teacher comments and we’d love to hear yours.

Can I use a school P.O. to subscribe to EEMC?

Absolutely! EEMC accepts many forms of payment including school purchase orders. Just click on the “Subscribe Now” button on the Home Page to begin the ordering process.

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